Armor Brass 24th IDA Armor Brass



6th Tank Battalion Motto:
"We Say We Do"

Firing On Charlie, The Lone, Brave GI Too

Firing on Charlie; the lone, brave GI too.

UIJONGBU pronounced 'Wee Jon Boo'

Moving through UIJONGBU, pronounced, Wee Jon Boo.

6th Tank and 24th Infantry

Elements of The 6th Tank and 24th Division Infantry.

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Kumhwa-Sangyang-Ni Sector

Valley in the Kumhwa-Sangyang-Ni sector.

Casualty - Knocked Out by Anti-Tank Gun

Casualty, knocked out by anti-tank gun; hitching a ride home.

Near Song Sil-li, Kicking Up Some Snow

Firing on Charlie in the Song-Sil-li area; kicking up some snow..

Don't Expose Your Side To Charlie

Don't expose your side to Charlie...


USA Flag

"Don't Burn The American Flag In Front Of Me..."

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