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All stationery listed on this page were created by Philip T. DeRiggi,  with the use of scanned images of artwork created by Jeannine Brownd, Art by Jeannine.  Images used for this stationery are the property of the creator of such images and  are copyright protected.  The stationery listed below is offered for free download, provided that you use this stationery for its intended purpose as Outlook Express Stationery.  Where known, proper credit has been given to the creator of the artwork used in all stationery at this site and such images may not be used for any other purpose without express permission from the creator of such images.  Artist names are included in the stationery listed on this and other stationery pages at this site.

Note: Due to request, audio files have been removed from all stationery listed on this page.  If you wish to add audio of your choice, click here for instructions.  The elimination of audio from the stationery will allow for the stationery to load more quickly.

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Left click an image below to download
individual stationery zip files or
click the download button
below for complete

Click here to download Baby Doll
Baby Doll
Click here to download Bear Face
Bear Face
Click here to download Bevo
Click here to download Big Nose Bird
Big Nose
Click here to download Blue Bonnets
Blue Bonnet

Click here to download Christmas Candle


Click here to download Chicken Head


Click here to download Chicken and Chicks

Chick Chicks

Click here to download Clown and Tent

Clown Tent

Click here to download Longhorn


Click here to download Love Birds

Love Birds

Click here to download Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy

Click here to download Miss Piggy 2

Miss Piggy 2

Click here to download Night Blooming Flower

Night Bloom

Click here to download Panda


Click here to download Parakeet


Click here to download Pear Blossoms

Pear Blossom

Click here to download Rocky Turtle

Rocky Turtle

Click here to download Rudolph at Christmas


Click here to download Scarecrow


Click here to download Snowman

Snowman 1

Click here to download Purple Knit Snowman

Snowman 2

Click here to download Blue Knit Snowman

Snowman 3

Click here to download Teary Eyed Bear

Teary Bear

Click here to download Yellow Lily

Yellow Lily

Click here to download a zip
file for all of the above
File size is 479K

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Click Here For Collection 06
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Click Here For Collection 08
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Click Here For Collection 11
Click Here For Collection 12
Click Here For Collection 13
Click Here For Collection 14
Click Here For Collection 15
Click Here For Collection 16
Click Here For Collection 17
Click Here For Collection 18

Collection numbers for zip files are not consecutive

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