A Time Of Innocence, Before The Stick Fight

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Philip T. De Riggi Before The Stick Fight

My First Communion

Cute kid, huh?  I wonder what the hell happened along the road of life.  I've been accused of being in a stick fight and loosing my stick.  Well, anyhow, if you've stumbled with the pronunciation of my last name, it's "Dee-Ree-Gee".  I was probably about ten or eleven years old in the above picture.  I was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania and attended Francis Willard Number 32, grade school.  I am an alumni of West Scranton High School, class of 1956.  I received electronics training at DeVry Institute of Technology and Lincoln Technology, also, attended classes at Northampton Community College, located in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

I entered the U.S. Army at a tender young age and grew up quite rapidly during my service time; which was for three years in duration.  I was a Tank Commander with the 6th Tank Battalion, 24th Infantry Division in Korea.  We of the 6th Tank Battalion were referred to as the Fighting 6th.  We got the nickname, because of the fact that if the Chinese didn't come over the hill, we fought with each other.  I was assigned to Dog Company and my tank was D-15.  For ex-servicemen, the Dog Company will give me away.  That was a long time ago, before Dog became Delta.  It was in the old brown shoe Army.  The old timers among us will know what I'm referring to.

I had a number of jobs after leaving the service, which by the way, was honorably.  Exactly how that was achieved, I'm not quite sure.  I guess it's just due to the fact that I didn't get caught being a jerk.  At least I didn't get caught most of the time.  I did get caught once and lost a stripe because of it.  But hey, shit happens.  My employment included being a machine operator at Chevrolet, a crane operator at U.S. Steel, a computer operator for The Philadelphia Air Defense, and a tractor trailer driver, first hauling mail, and then with Mobil Oil Corporation.  There were a few other occupations thrown in between some of the above, but not worth mentioning.  I was employed longest by Mobil Oil Corporation, where I drove tractor trailer and hauled 9000 gallons of gasoline per trip.  That makes one hell of a big fire if you flip that thing over.  Yea I was one of those big bad ass truck drivers that you've cursed at on the road.

I also had a few businesses along the way.  I was in a partnership with a pool room (billiards), located in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  That partnership also included a government contract to haul U.S. Mail.  My partner and I owned two trucks and employed two individuals to haul mail from the Dover, New Jersey sectional center, to local Post Offices.  Let me give you one little bit of advise while I'm at it.  Don't go into a partnership!

I had a television repair business for a number of years.  That was long after the pool hall and the trucking business.  No, I didn't have a partner in that venture.  I learned my lesson well!  I am now retired and just waste a lot of time playing with this damned computer.  I have a bit of experience with computers, because of the employment as a computer operator.  I've done some programming with Pascal and Visual Basic for Windows.  I no longer play with the programming bit, but figured I'd play my hand at this HTML junk.  It's a way of staying out of trouble, which isn't easy these days.

Anyhow, I hope you've enjoyed at least some aspects of my site.  If you surf around at this site, you're bound to find something that interest you.  Thanks for stopping by for a visit.  I hope you'll return and while you're at it, take a moment to sign my guestbook.  I enjoy hearing from my visitors, even if it's negativity that they have to comment about.

Hi, My Name Is Duke
Hi, my name is Duke.  I'm a two and a half year old 
horny male and I'm thirteen pounds of holy 
terror.  That's my favorite human up there.
  I let him think he's the boss, but I'm 
really the master of this house.

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