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Download the associated zip file to a folder of your choice.  Unzip the zip file to your Outlook Express Stationery folder.  The Windows stationery folder path is, "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationery."  The next time you use Outlook Express, the stationery will be listed.  You must click on "Message" in the topmost Outlook Express menu bar, next point to "New Message Using", finally, click on "Select Stationery."  If these instructions are not followed, the animations will not work.  If an audio file is included, the stationery folder path must be as indicated above.  If an audio file is not associated with a particular stationery, you can store the associated image and HTML files in any folder of your choice.

AUDIO: If using Outlook Express 5.0 or 6.0 and a stationery does not have a MIDI file associated, or if you are using Outlook Express 4.0+, or Outlook Express 2000, you can insert a MIDI file by doing the following.  Open the stationery in the compose window of Outlook Express, click on 'Format', in the top menu bar.  Next point to 'Background', then click on 'Sound'.  Next, browse to the folder of your choice.  In the files of type box, make sure that MIDI is selected.  Click on the MIDI file to highlight it, then click on 'Open'.  When returned to the initial window, you can select the radio button for playing the audio file once, or to repeat continuously.  Finally, click the okay button.  You can insert audio into a plain text message as well.

When typing your text, the stationery will not be animated, however, when you click on "Send", the stationery will then become animated.  These instructions are for Outlook Express version 5.0 and 6.0 and will also work with version 4.0+, and Outlook Express 2000, however, if version 4.0+, or version 2000, is used and there is an associated midi file embedded in the stationery code, the midi file will not be sent.  Follow the audio instructions above.

IMPORTANT: If you install the new MSN Explorer, you will upgrade your e-mail system as well and will no-longer be able to use Outlook Express to read new e-mail from within MSN Explorer.  You can, however, still use Outlook Express as a separate mail client.

Some of the listed stationery will scroll along the left edge of the page.  Others will scroll along the top portion of the page and some have music files included.

If using Outlook Express 5.0 and a particular stationery has a music file and it does not play, make sure that the midi file was copied to your default stationery folder. If your path is other then "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationery", do the following:

Open the associated stationery html file (*.htm) in Notepad, next find the line near the top of the page that reads as follows:

<bgsound src="file:///c:\program%20files\common%20files\microsoft%20shared\stationery\nameof.mid" loop="-1">

Change the path to reflect the path to your stationery folder.  Do not remove the quotes, do not remove or change anything from before the c:\,  also, do not remove the %20 as above.

The command loop="-1" repeats the music file indefinitely.  If you wish, you can change the -1 to 1 and it will play one time only.  Do not remove the quotes or brackets.

Finally, if you type a long e-mail message, you may find that vertical scrolling may jump, or repeat near the bottom of the page.   This can be corrected by doing the following:

Open the associated HTML file in NotePad and look for the following line near the top of the script in the WebBot bot="HTMLMarkup" section of the code.


Change the *2 to *3 and save the file.  Your change should read as follows:


You can experiment, raising the number in one digit increments.

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