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FrontPage  This is the official Microsoft FrontPage site.  Here you will find links for Microsoft FrontPage ordering information, technical information, demos, third party programs, and Microsoft FrontPage bulletin signup.

Gaming Zone  MSN Gaming Zone offers free games, downloads, magazine, trial offers, retail games, a directory, and online gaming.

Get Ready  For Web site builders.  Now that Internet Explorer 5.0 is among us, Microsoft has put together a summary for you of the key things you should be thinking about to prepare your Web sites to take advantage of their new release.

Hardware Compatibility  Check here to find out if your hardware drivers are Microsoft certified.  If the drivers are certified, you can download the latest certified driver from this site.  For those that use MSIE v4.0 and receive script errors, this site will be helpful.  If the Guru loads, you don't have a problem, otherwise follow the onscreen instructions at the Guru site.

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Internet Explorer  Internet Explorer sets a new standard in privacy, reliability, and flexibility.  If you click this official Microsoft link, you'll also find links for previous versions, technical support.  You can also order a free Internet Explorer CD.

Media Player 7   Get the all new Microsoft Windows Media Player 7 for Windows 95/NT and Windows 98 with Internet Explorer 4.0 or 5.0.  The new media player will play most multimedia formats, including Windows Media (formerly NetShow), Real Audio, Real Video and earlier, also, QuickTime, AVI, WAV formats, and more.  In addition to all that, it's free.

Microsoft Office  Click here for Microsoft Office updates and security patches, also, links for templates, clipart, Office support, and more.  The SR-1 and SR-2 patches are available for Microsoft Office.  Note, the SR-2 patch requires that the SR-1 patch is already installed.  The SR-1 patch is included on the free CD ROM.  You can order the free Office update CD-ROM from Microsoft.

Microsoft Support  For problems with a Microsoft product, click this link for Microsoft's support options, download drivers, read newsgroups, or submit a question to a Microsoft engineer.

MSN Computing Central Downloads  Many categories of freeware and shareware files to download.

Outlook Express Stationery  Download free Outlook Express Stationery.  Works with Outlook Express version 4.0 and version 5.0.  Easy to use, download free zip files and unzip to your stationery folder.

Problem Printing   If you cannot print a selected area when signed on to the internet, after installing the Frame Spoof Patch for Windows 98 or Internet Explorer 4.0+, click this link for a solution to your problem.

Shutdown Troubleshooter  This is not an official Microsoft troubleshooter, but if you're having Windows shutdown and restart problems, this site is a great source of information.


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