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4ComTech  4ComTech will work with you for free to create a themed web browser tailored around any topic, idea, website, directory, and/or useful resource!

A-1 Icon Archive  This site has access to over 300,000 free web graphics, html helpers, html editors, and more for you to download.

Animation Factory  Thousands of free animated GIF files, free clipart, free graphics, original 3D animations, icons, buttons, and images.   Your home for animated clip art and graphics.

Bentley  Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned Web-Page designer, this site has an abundance of helpful tips and useful files for download.

Blue Mountain Arts  Send free greeting cards to friends and family.  Many categories and varieties of cards to choose from.   Includes animated cards, also, free screensavers for download.

Break Pal  Break Pal is a program that is going to get you to exercise when you should.  Just a few minutes of exercise at scheduled intervals. It uses totally unique exercises that will get your heart pumping but uses very little space. You can do the exercises right at your desk.  Try it for free.

Browser Tune-up  Free online test and tune-up for your browser.  Also, free power tools downloads, web resources, tips and tricks, and a host of information.

CarPoint  The smart way to purchase a new or used car.  Some of the many features are: New car buying service, used car market, prices and reviews, finance and insurance, personal auto page, weekly news, and more.  This is another of the many services brought to you by Microsoft.

Comparator  A simple utility that will take some of the insecurity and tedium out of finding, deleting, and copying over duplicate or version files.  Multiple wildcard selection, multiple language versions, copy, delete, and update to newer files.

Completely Free  Indexed site with downloads for Windows 95/98/NT and Windows 3.1.  Includes resources and web author's freebies.

CWSApps  Freeware and shareware applications, Windows drivers, and more.  If you can't find it here, then it's probably not available.

DC Creations  Image morphing software; free download.  Create image morphing sequences and image warping with local and global feature alteration.  Variable speed playback and the ability to save the morph sequence to file, then import them into your GIF animator.

DLL Files  If your looking for a lost dll file, this is a good place to look.  There is a search feature for file lookup.

Drivers  Does the word 'Driver' scare you?   WinDrivers has more drivers and support help than any other site of its kind, complete with driver installation guides.

Easy Files  This site offers an easy way to replace those missing files.  

Edutainment Catalog  Here you'll be able to search for bargains, catalogs, links, ratings, demos and contest listings.

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File Splitter  Splits a large file into smaller pieces that you can later combine on any computer by simply clicking the created bat file.  Version 3.2 supports disk spanning with customization.

Fonts Hundreds of free fonts, PC truetype, and Mac fonts; 900+ fonts and growing.

Foto Search Stock Photos  Search over 500,000 images from over 50 stock photography, illustration, and video footage publishers at one website. The best photo search on the web.  You'll find some freebies here and commercial products as well.

Freeware Guide  Freeware program of the month, freeware links, shareware links, free web space, free top sites, free stuff sites, and gaming sites.

Free Forum  If you are looking for information, this is the place to go.  Information from A to Z.

Free Language Translations   If you are looking for professional translators, then you are in the right place. The listed site  will offer you a full-range of translation services for all your localization needs in over 100 languages: document translation, website globalization, software localization and more!

Free Site  This site has fresh listings of all the best freebies that are available on the Net.  You can subscribe to receive a newsletter listing freebies.  The site is updated daily.

Free Stuff  A commitment to become the most comprehensive site for listing free stuff on the internet.  Everything from CDs to pet food.  New freebies added every weekday.

FreeStyle Freeware  A well maintained site offering high quality freeware, utilities, games, and much more.

Free Themes  No more struggling to download desktop themes.  Free themes provides many local mirror locations and fast local downloads of an ultimate collection of desktop themes, cursors, fonts, screensavers, and startup/shutdown screens.

Freeware Home  This site has a wide selection of free software and internet services.

Freeware Games  Here you'll find a large selection of games for Windows and they are totally free.

Freeware Guide  This site offers free downloads in many categories, plus a variety of links to other sites offering free downloads.

Free Stationery   Free Outlook Express Stationery for versions 4.0 and 5.0.  Brighten up your e-mail messages with animated stationery from Phil's Download Links.

Freeware for Windows 95/98  You will find an abundance of freeware programs and utilities for download at this site.   If you are a developer, check this site for details on submitting your product for freeware download.

Freezone  The FreeZone is for anyone who is creating, maintaining, or just starting out, to build a web site. Click on the FreeZone link to enter your one stop for great resources for web page sites, graphics, Java, CGI or anything else you need to make your web site sizzle. The best part is that it is all for free!

Games Feedback  Information about all games in the industry, with more then 500 cheats, screen-shots, many downloads, a discussion board and much more.

Great Freeware  A freeware site that offers a wide selection of  freeware for download.

Guestworld  Looking for a guestbook for your page?  Guestworld offers a basic guestbook and a premium guestbook for advanced users.  The advanced guestbook can be setup as you wish.

Hot Wired  If you design Web Pages, check out this site.  Pass your mouse pointer over a listed feature and a description popup window will appear.  There is also a dropdown menu.  Just highlight an item and click the go button.  If it has to do with Web Design, you'll find it at Hot Wired.

Hometime  Your source for information on home improvement, remodeling, and home repair.

Freeware Links From "I" thru "Z"

Totally free Windows games at Freeware Games
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