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ICQ  Would you like to know if your friends or family are online?  ICQ does the searching for you, alerting you in real time when friends and family sign on.  Chat, send messages and files or play games.   Click this link for more information and download the software free.

InfoSpace  Find residential and business addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, neighbors, and much more at InfoSpace.   If you are not listed, you can enter your listing or update your existing listing.

Internet Bag Lady  Download free graphics, animations, and a wealth of other fine internet goodies.

Internet Explorer 5.0   Compared to Internet Explorer 4.0, Internet Explorer 5.0 is cleaner, with a more intuitive interface.  There are improvements in navigation, simplified menus, easier offline usage and much more.

Internet Freeware   Includes categories for Windows, Macintosh, and DOS.  Management tools, Bios updates, games, graphics, drivers, utilities and more.

Internet Phone  Now you can have unlimited long distance phone conversations with enhanced audio, video, and a full suite of multimedia features at your finger tips.  Free download of Internet Phone by Vocaltec.

It's Free For U  Over 40 categories of Freebies and Freeware, including Free screen savers, fonts, games, and much more.

Java by Dr. Ozone  I've listed this site as Java, but it contains much, much more.  Dr. Thaddeus Ozone's site contains, backgrounds, graphics, Java, secret techniques, tips and tricks, and tutorials.  Click on this link and you will not be disappointed.  Just pass your pointer over the text links at Dr. Ozone's main page, when the text changes color, click and you're off on an enlightening adventure.

Java Source  The Java Source has many Java Scripts available from many categories for free download.  Also a section devoted to frequently asked questions.  If you don't find an answer, you can submit your question.  If you're a Java developer, you can submit your script to be listed for download.

Key Windows Freeware   Freeware for Windows 95/98/NT; anti-virus, audio, backup, browsers, cookie, disk, email, file transfer, games, graphics, net phone net utilities, security, system, text, and web design, to name some of what you'll find here.

Lockergnome  Free newsletters for Windows 95/98/NT, packed with the latest 32-bit downloads.  Freeware and Shareware, games, media, fonts, updates and patches, themes, tips and tricks, computer industry news, and more.

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Media Player  Get the all new Microsoft Windows Media Player for Windows 95/NT and Windows 98 with Internet Explorer 4.0.  The new media player will play most multimedia formats, including Windows Media (formerly NetShow), Real Audio, Real Video 4.0 and earlier, also, QuickTime, AVI, WAV formats, and more.

Merriam Webster  No need to struggle looking for those hard to find word definitions, or word substitutes.  Merriam Webster's online dictionary and thesaurus offer the perfect solution.  You can also go to my page for Microsoft Links and use Microsoft's Encarta, free.

Message Mates   Send a special animated message for that special occasion or just for the fun of it.  Message Mates offers free executable files with editable personal messages for download or you can send a file directly to that special someone on your list.

Midi Farm  The MidiFarm is another excellent site for midi file downloads.  There is a beta search feature at this site, but at present, you'll have to know the file name.  Other options for finding song titles are available.

Midi Haven   Approximately sixteen thousand  MIDI files are available for download or for your listening pleasure at MIDI Haven.   When browsing for that special song, look for music by Deb Ackley.  Her music is some of the best on the World Wide Web.  Deb continues to add MIDI files, so don't forget to add MIDI Haven to your list of favorites and return for the latest updates.

Midi Paradise  Jenn's Midi Paradise has a good collection of midi files for your listening pleasure.

Moochers  Free downloads for business, desktop, education, games, graphics, internet, programming, utilities, and more.

MTN Send a free message to a cellular phone, almost anywhere in the world.  Fast and easy.  No software to download.  Simply complete the free registration then bookmark the MTN page.

NewApps  Click here if you would like to be notified by e-mail of the latest freeware and shareware programs available.  Simply check of what news letter that you would like and enter your e-mail address, then click join.  You'll be notified of the latest in freeware and shareware products.

People Link  Over 500,000 people have joined People Link and thousands have filled out profiles to be included in the Community Directory, where others with similar interest can find you.

Price Scan  If you are looking for the best price, check out this free service.  They claim to have an unbiased price and product information service that is offered without charge.

QuickView  Looking for a BMP and JPEG quick viewer?  This little program will allow viewing those file formats with a simple double click from within Explorer; without menus and scrollbars.  Right click to close viewer.

Shockwave  Shockwave and Flash let you experience animation and entertainment in your Web browser.  Follow the simple steps at this site for a free Web player.

5 Star Freeware  Several freeware products are available for free download.  Also includes a link to their computer store, where you'll find a wide assortment of computer related products.

Webfxmall   Check out this site if you design web pages and you're looking for images, sound clips, fonts, and animations to download.

Web Site Garage  If you have your own web site, click here for a free tune-up.

Who's Where  Looking for old friends or classmates?  Try Who's Where, you just may find them.

Freeware Links From "A" thru "H"

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