Antoinette, Our Beloved Mother

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In Loving Memory

Antoinette De Riggi, Forever Loved and Forever Missed

Never To Be Forgotten, Forever Loved

Antoinette De Riggi was born on February 28, 1906; in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  She died after a brief illness, at the young age of fifty-four.  She was the mother of five children, two girls and three boys.  My mother devoted her life to her children and showered all with the love that only a mother can give.  She was unselfish in every sense of the word and sacrificed in every respect with unquestioned love for her family.   I was the youngest of her five children and she often referred to me as her baby.   I can not find the words to express how desperately I would love to hear her speak those words again.

I remember walking home from school and smelling the sweet aroma of freshly baked bread filtering through an open window of her kitchen as I approached our house.  My steps always quickened, because I knew that baking bread meant that my mother had also made a special sweet treat for her family.  I remember her always greeting us with her beautiful smile and how she always had time for her children.  It did not matter how ill or tired she may have felt, her family was more important.  I remember her dedication to her family, her passion, her temper, her humor and the security and comfort that she always made me feel.  Most of all, I remember her love.

I have only one regret and that regret is that I was not a more deserving son.  More deserving of all of her graces and more deserving of the love that she always bestowed upon me.  I long to put my head in her lap, to hear her gentle words and to feel her comforting touch.  My mother will always be with me, in my heart and in my mind.   Forever loved and forever missed.

Surely a wish for her to stay 
Our mother who has gone away

Blessed with her love and her smile
So dear to us in such a little while

Our mother and our friend
True to us to the very end

When I'm called from this place
I know that I will see her face

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Music by Deb Ackley, Memories

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