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The Better Half
This is my better half.
That's her in the background too.


This site is dedicated to my parents, my family, and my
good friends in Rome, the Mattei and Del Pinto families.

"I am suffering from amnesia and deja vu.
I think I've had this before!"

You have probably surmised from the state flag on my homepage that I am from Texas.  Like so many others in the great state of Texas, I am a transplanted Texan.   I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and spent most of my adult years in the state of New Jersey.

I first became aquatinted with computers back in the early nineteen sixties.  I was employed as a computer operator for the Philadelphia Air Defense.  I worked at a Nike Hercules missile site, which was located near Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.  The computer that I operated and maintained was a DC Analog computer.  The hardware was made up mostly of vacuum tubes and the case stood about six feet high and about eight feet long.  The heat that was generated by the many vacuum tubes was substantial.  As a result of the heat generated by the vacuum tubes, the interior temperature was constantly maintained at about 75 degrees.  The facility was actually a military trailer, that  was constructed of magnesium.  Monitoring of the interior temperature was an absolute, because of the flash point of the magnesium, and equally as important, to maintain the reliability state of the hardware.

My experience as a computer operator prompted me to purchase a personal computer.  My computer experience includes some programming with Pascal and Microsoft's Visual Basic.  After some success designing a few small utility programs with Visual Basic v2.0, I upgraded to version 3.0 and finally to Visual Basic v4.0.  I purchased a few books on programming with Visual Basic and spent many hours of self instruction at my PC.  It was fun to create little utility programs for my own use and rewarding to see that my code actually worked.  It was a struggle at times, but I gained experience, through trial and error.

Eventually I became bored with the programming bit, so I gave the software to one of my sons.  Without the programming sessions, my PC started to look a little dusty.  In my quest to find something interesting to occupy my time, I purchased Microsoft FrontPage 98 and eventually FrontPage 2000.  The pages at this site are the result of my feeble efforts with Microsoft FrontPage.

The design of this site was accomplished on my latest personal computer.  I am now on my sixth computer, and as in the past, I once again remarked that this computer is my last.  My latest computer is a Dell Dimension XPS B1000...

Song: You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me.
Music by Deb Ackley
Dedicated to my wife, Marianne.


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