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The following images gave me a considerable amount of practice with Poser.  I'm still at a learning stage with Poser, but images such as those on this page help to make each successive session a little easier.  It would be nice if the developers of Poser would have written code that would release some resources back to the system.  As with most other programs, unless you've got an awfully powerful computer, it's advisable to save often and reboot after an obvious slow down is noticed.  When things start to considerably slow down, it's an indicator that resources are dwindling and unless you don't mind everything coming to an abrupt halt, it's time to reboot.  After rendering the following and rebooting the system, I opened the images in a graphics paint program for some touchup work.  Maybe eventually I'll get to a point where touchup isn't needed.  

bronz pipe

Space Warrior

The Space Warrior and The Droid
Look Out Behind You 
Philip T. De Riggi

Warrior Detail

Space Warrior Detail
Philip T. De Riggi

bronz pipe

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