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Princess Norr and her guardian dragon had presented a little problem for me with respect to computer resources.  As mentioned earlier, Poser is a very resource hungry program, especially after a number of draft renders.  Obviously resources no longer used are not released back to the system.  Certain figures, props, and such use up more resources than others.  With only 256 Megabytes of RAM, I had to reboot several times.  Especially if after a production render, I saw something that needed more work.  Scrapping the initial render, making the corrections, and trying to do another production render was a bit futile.  Things slowed to the point where it became obvious that an imminent crash was just around the corner.  As a result, I had to cancel, exit Poser, and reboot the system.  Why mention all of this?  Simply for the benefit of those that are contemplating a Poser 5 purchase.  Little bits of input such as this may help in decision making.

bronz pipe

Celtic 1

Princess Norr and The Guardian Dragon
Philip T. De Riggi

Celtic 2

Princess Norr Detail
Philip T. De Riggi

bronz pipe

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