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The following images are a little dark on my monitor, hopefully they won't be too dark for the viewer.  Working with images and HTML in general can be a little tricky.  What appears fine on one system, may not appear acceptable on another.  There is no way to know exactly how a particular individual has there system setup, what type of video card and monitor are being used, and the type of browser.  For those reasons, to name a few, are some of the reasons why something looks fine here and not so good elsewhere.  Anyhow, the figures and props in the following images were done in Poser 5, then brought into a graphics program for touchup work, mainly on the hair.

bronz pipe

Atlantis 1

Princess Del Mare
Philip T. De Riggi

Atlantis 1a

Princess Del Mare Detail
Philip T. De Riggi

bronz pipe

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