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Talk about resource hungry software; rendering the following image in Poser 5 was a challenge for my system.  Taxing available resources is putting it mildly.  I tried to render the image with a background prop, but that was just a little much for the system.  I deleted the background prop, after rebooting, then tried another render which went along pretty much without a hitch.  I've been wanting to upgrade the amount of RAM available to the system, but this machine takes RDRAM, which I guess is just about the most expensive out there.  Guess I'll just have to wait for Christmas.

The head on Charger is that of the author, not as pretty as the original, but the original didn't turn out as expected.  Figured my mug would be a little more scary.

bronz pipe

Charger 1

The Author In His Charger Gear
 And His Gargoyle Hound
Philip T. De Riggi

bronz pipe

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