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The Traugs in the following image were fun to work with, but the overall image took up a whole bunch of resources.  Actually I was afraid that I would not be able to render the image as you see it here.  The number of figures in the image, in addition to the background, taxed my modest system with its meager 250 Megabytes of RDRAM.  RDRAM is supposed to be very fast, but I am definitely in need of more RAM in order to produce complex images.  As it is, I hope that visitors to this site will enjoy the images that I've thus far been able to create.  You may wish to read the little story below that goes along with the image.  

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Gail Stormy and The Traugs

Gail Stormy and The Traugs
Philip T. De Riggi

Can a beautiful young damsel from a small coal-mining town in the East find love and happiness in Fairport?

Gail Stormy traveled far to find the gallant Mushroom Traugs in the hope of seeking their advice.  Troubling events had recently been brought about as the result of the irrational, ill-advised, and inconsiderate behavior of Gail Stormy's husband.  Those events had left her with a troubled mind and an inability to find a rational reason for her husband's actions.  She had recently learned that the Traugs could be found at the old castle, where they were gathering on their quest to find the secret to what's inside a patterned box with seven sides and seven locks all lined with lead.

Arriving at the castle, Gail Stormy seats herself on a marble bench in front of the old castle and grasping her long hair in her right hand, she rests her chin on her clinched fist and is deep in thought as the Traugs gather about her.  Relieved at finding the Traugs, she ask that age old question, "What is the best way to a man's heart?"

Without hesitation, Professor Lug, standing at Gail's lower right hand side, blurts out, "With a sharp knife, straight through the center of his chest!"

Wingnut, standing on the bench at Gail's Stormy's right, spreads her wings and expresses, "No... Gail Stormy... Your beauty clouds the mind of the good Professor Lug.  You mustn't follow his impulsive advise!"

Sprocket, standing on the armrest at Gail's left and showing off his Mohawk haircut, says, "Hey... how ya do'n?  I know these guys in Jersey that will brake his knee caps for ya..."

Ratchet, with his one eye, looks across at Professor Lug as if to say I have a better solution, and says aloud, "I know this one armed Italian with a speech impediment that can take your mind off of things..."

Widget, standing on the  armrest of the marble bench at Gail's right, advises, "Don't be sad my dear Gail Stormy.  You must look within your own heart for the solution to your problems."

Wingnut flaps her wings and expresses her approval, "Yes, Gail Stormy, Widget is correct in his wisdom.  You must find the solution to your problems from within your own heart..."

Grommet, standing at the side of Gail's left foot would like for you to know, "The Mushroom Traugs and portions of the above text are based on a poem, The Shield of Erebus."

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