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The graphic on the previous page was fun to work with, so I thought I'd try my hand at another graphic featuring the Mushroom Traugs.  The Mushroom Traugs are based on a copyrighted poem by PeeJay Alexander.  If you would like to have a copy of his poem, in Microsoft Word doc format, you can download a copy by clicking the following link: The Shield Of Erebus.  Keep in mind that the poem mentioned here is copyright material and must not be used in any way without the express permission of PeeJay Alexander.

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Traugs At The Castle

The Traugs At The Castle
Philip T. De Riggi

The Traugs are from lower left, Ratchet, Widget, Grommet center, then Professor Lug standing in the window, followed by Wingnut, then Sprocket.  PeeJay didn't specify what the Mowlip soldiers should look like, so the next figure is a depiction of what a Mowlip could possibly look like.  Coiled over the brace under the bench is one of the spindly creatures mentioned in PeeJays poem.  Finally, in the background is another depiction of a Mowlip creature.  Here Widget expresses his dismay at not being able to get into the castle without being seen and Sprocket is kind of setting him straight, assuring Widget that they are not beaten yet.  

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