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This image was also a frustration in trying to get it to render with the new Poser Firefly rendering engine.  I ended up rendering the backdrop with Firefly, then doing a Poser 4 render on each of the three figures, one at a time.  The backdrop was opened post Poser, then each of the three renderings of the figures was opened individually and the alpha channel loaded.  I dragged the alpha channels onto the backdrop, one at a time, I then feathered the inverted figure image to make each blend into the background a little better.  Each of the figures layers were duplicated, locked, and filled with black with an opacity of about thirty.  I then sized, distorted, and rotated the shadow layers to make an attempt at making the figures look attached to the ground, instead of just a pasted on look.  After the image was done, I thought about the fact that maybe the little robot should have been done in gray.  On second thought, there are some browns in the backdrop, so I guess it's okay.

bronz pipe


Philip T. De Riggi

bronz pipe

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