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The following image gave me a bit of a headache when it came to rendering.  It seems that the Poser 5 firefly rendering engine doesn't want to cooperate when the poly counts are too high.  As a result, I had to render the following in steps.  The dragon and background were rendered without the male figure, then a separate Poser 4 render of just the male figure.  Both were opened post Poser and the layers copied to the final image.  There is obviously an appreciable difference between the firefly and Poser 4 renders.  There was an obvious difference between the figures, so I opted to render the whole image with the Poser 4 render.  Post Poser touchup work had to be done as well.

bronz pipe

Obedience Training

Obedience Training
Philip T. De Riggi

bronz pipe

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