My Sister Rose


My Sister, Gambler Rose


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"Gambler Rose and Husband Vince"

Rose is my eldest sister.  Exactly how elderly, I won't say, but the black and white photo kind of speaks for itself.  Rose and her husband, Vince, live in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.  Rose is an avid gambler, thus the nickname above.  She is a frequent visitor too Atlantic City and loves to gamble late into the evening and early morning hours.  The song accompanying this page is entitled, "Moonlight Gambler", somewhat fitting I would say.  Hopefully Rose will soon be relocating to Florida, to live with her son, Richard.  There is a casino that is located close by, so she should be in second heaven.

As far as sisters go, "I wouldn't trade Rose or Ann in for a million bucks."  They are the best and being that I'm the youngest of five; I'm very proud that they helped to raise me to be the spoiled jerk that I am.  I love them both, even though they pinched me as a baby and still tell me that they found me in a basket on the back porch.   I can't recall where I heard it, but many years ago I heard the following:   "You can love someone, but not like them."  I hope they both like me half as much as I like them..!


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Music, Moonlight Gambler, by Deb Ackely

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